Welcome to the 36th PCC

Dear Colleagues,

The 36th Portuguese Congress of Cardiology will be held from 18 to 21 of April 2015, at the Algarve Congress Center. For 4 days, «The Heart in the Changing World» - this year's motto - will be the main theme.

The development of science progresses rapidly, challenging its application. The “evidence” in terms of outcomes is slow and at the present time, it is appropriate to reflect critically on the cardiology practices so they are not wasted but applied in a personalized context to the patient.

Alongside a constant scientific and technological update, we cannot forget the full and appropriate use of what exists already, the diagnostic or treatment procedures that, although demonstrably effective, sometimes are not yet fully explored. We should move forward, but always well grounded in the precedent scientific steps.

Currently, knowledge spread is incredibly fast. And it's available to everyone, physicians and patients. And yet, along with the coldness of knowledge and with the requirements and needs of patients and physicians, either legitimate or 'illegitimate', there is something that remains through the ages: the art of 'applying' the knowledge. This "Art", in the changing world and in the current economic context, requires an optimization of existing resources and is perhaps one of our greatest challenges as cardiologists.

It is on this perspective that we will put together the scientific program.
The Congress Organizing Committee - scientific and executive - integrates colleagues that are active in different areas of Cardiology:

Cândida Fonseca
Carlos Aguiar
Conceição Trigo Pereira
Eduardo Infante de Oliveira
Francisco Madeira
João Abecassis
José Ribeiro
Maria da Graça Castro
Miguel Sousa Uva
Mónica Mendes Pedro
Susana Martins

We have already started working. But we are just the tip of the iceberg. Along with the people who, in the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, deals with the various aspects of the congress - scientific, logistics and technical – the team also includes you. The scientific program aims to live up to the motto and the contribution of the Working Groups and Associations of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology will be determinant. We invite you also to actively participate, by expressing your ideas and suggestions. The partnership with the Pharmaceutical and Equipment Industry is also, as always, essential to this important event.

The scientific National research - that contributes to the future of cardiology in the Changing World - will have a particularly important role in the 36th Congress. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is December 15th, 2014.

This page will be regularly updated making possible to follow the construction of the 36th Portuguese Congress of Cardiology.

We wait for you.

Dulce Brito
Congress Committee Chair